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Bent RX17 ========= d_strct: RX17a RX17b RX17c RX17d BRKBRKBRKDOTCOM =============== Source: 2xAA: IT Crowd -3 Kits Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - 8 Kits G-ZOM - 9 Kits Vanilla Ice - 1 Kit Technologic - 12 Kits Rock Kandy: Dark Dub - 1 Kit Das Hype Machine: Rise - 1 Kit ==================== SFII_a.kit SFII_Dhalsim.kit SFII_Ryu.kit We Are Connected.kit ===================== Source: atari 2600 [1] atari pokey noise [1] chopin [1] synth brass chords [1] debussy [1] debussy 2 [1] crunk [1] donk [1] electron rock [1] ellington [1] hal8999 [1] hal9001 [1] mario paint [1] mozart [1] sega mega drive [1] sega master system [1] nanoloop 2.3 [1] streetfighter 2 [1] streetfighter alpha [1] star trek: the next generation [1] ========================= Source: 56 various uncredited kits from over the years. FLOWER.kit daddy.kit gmeboy.kit shroom.kit GABSTA.kit dog.kit godcnt.kit sk1.kit amen.kit fuck01.kit heart1.kit sob.kit answrd.kit fuck02.kit heart2.kit star1.kit askque.kit fuck03.kit hi.kit star2.kit baby1.kit fuck04.kit k9h3h1.kit stop.kit baby2.kit fuck05.kit mario.kit tits.kit bird.kit fuck06.kit monoms.kit wesly1.kit boat.kit fuck07.kit ngtseb.kit wesly2.kit bstgn1.kit fuck08.kit pig.kit wesly3.kit car1.kit fuck09.kit plane1.kit yes.kit car2.kit fuck10.kit plane2.kit yoshi1.kit cat.kit fuck11.kit rapman.kit yoshi2.kit cop.kit get2kn.kit scoob.kit zmsgbr.kit Note! ============== Source: BANG - assorted gunshots, ricochet Gakken SX-150 - synth-y samples from the hobby synth [preview] CLAPS - assorted claps Willy the Pimp - sliced up opening to Willy the Pimp by Frank Zappa [preview] Biggie's Consoles - super nintendo, sega genesis Dub Remix - dub horn and NOW MY SELECTA Chessboxin' 1 - raw imma give it to ya/ with no trivia (Method Man, from Wu Tang's The Mystery of Chessboxin') Chessboxin' 2 - raw like cocaine straight from bolivia (Method Man, from Wu Tang's The Mystery of Chessboxin') white noise 1 - white noise of different shapes. best used with P commands. (1/2) white noise 2 - white noise of different shapes. best used with P commands. (2/2) Bullseye - bullseye direct hit don't miss (from Black Moon's How Many MC's ============== Also At: Kits are compiled by Jonas Lund a.k.a. Rex42. Amiga 1 2 3 4 5 [From the old ST-Disks] Brekbeat drums 1 2 3 4 C 64 1 C 64 2 C 64 3 [The old 64] Casio RZ1 [Old Casio drums. Thnx 2 Crazy Q] Tabla [GB goes Indian style. Listen] FX1 [Gamesounds & speech phrases] Alesis HR16 [Alesis drummachine. Thanx 2 Crazy Q] Casio [Old Casio keyboard sounds] Com [Phone & Modem sounds] Kung Fu Electro [A nice little Electro kit] ================ Three kits by unknown creators. amenBreak.kit simp1.kit simp2.kit
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