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LSDJ Wav Editor Version 0.1 The LSDJ Wav Editor is an application to let you edit the frames of a wav instrument in an LSDJ .sav file. Currently (and probably forever), YOU CAN ONLY EDIT THE SONG WHICH IS CURRENTLY OPENED IN RAM. What this means is that in order to edit a particular song, you will have to load LSDJ up in an emulator or whatever, load the song you want to edit, and then use the .sav from that. Getting Started: Run the application, and drag a .sav file onto the editor. Simple as that! How To Use: The large frame in the top left of the screen is the frame you are currently editing. The smaller frames below this are the other frames in the currently selected instrument (the selected frame is highlighted by a blue box). To edit the current frame, just hold down the left mouse button and draw your shape. To select a different frame, either use the left and right arrow keys, or click on the frame you want to edit. To select a different instrument, use the buttons on the bottom right. Advanced(ish) Editing: At the bottom left of the screen are the Copy and Paste buttons. These allow you to copy and paste a frame (the frame in the clipboard is displayed at the top right). Underneath this display are two buttons - Copy Square and Copy Saw. These buttons copy a square wave and a saw wave respectively into the clipboard ready for you to paste. Underneath this is a PWM generator. Slide the bar to the PW% you want, and click the button to generate this INTO THE CURRENTLY SELECTED FRAME. This does NOT copy the generated frame to the clipboard, it goes directly into the current frame. Suggestions, Bugs, etc: This is a work in progress, and is bound to be full of bugs. I develop on OSX in a language called Processing, which allows for executables to be generated for Windows, OSX, and Linux - but all the testing I do is on OSX. The Windows version might get a little testing from me, but the Linux version won't get any. There is a thread on 8bitcollective about this project, and it would be handy for me if any bug reports or suggestions etc could be collected there, at: Features which I already have planned for a version in the near future are: * Amplification of waves * Reversal of waves * Horizontal/vertical offsets * More wave generation (sin, saw, etc) Mad props to CDK and the Summer of Chiptune boys!
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