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#1 2017-04-28 00:47:09

Alexander the bat
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How to use Exported Files from Gameboy Tile Designer and Map Builder?

I'm making Seprate Tile data so I can organize a program more better so I don't have to have a huge .c and .h files - do I just include .h and program that way or I have to add in the sprite data into the main C file? There's gonna be a lot of Sprites for this Dr Mario like game from the Capsules to the background, the doctor player (yes I'm adding characters in mine), Viruses, and many other stuff in the game I'm working on.

I've already Exported the main sprites and as for the Capsules and viruses on one file it's like this

Two pieces of the Capsule make up the one capsule (which is needed to randomize the colors) and all main virus animations in the bottle to the small pill sized capsule (if you cleared by going sideways of a capsule of another color with the virus)

I'm basically new to C programming when it comes with files like these.

it also has color palette data as well for which I'm doing this in pure color!

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#2 2017-04-28 15:13:22

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Re: How to use Exported Files from Gameboy Tile Designer and Map Builder?

You might try looking for some basic C programming tutorials. Here is a quick description from stack overflow on C and H files: … -mean-to-c

C files are your content and will include most of your code. H or Header files are used to define stuff that will be shared across multiple C files. For example exporting a simple tile. Your C file will contain the actual tile pixel data declaration. The H file will contain the type definition which can be referenced across multiple C files without duplicating the pixel content.



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