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#76 2016-09-28 14:32:34

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Re: Welcome thread


Currently learning C (no programming background) with the goal of making a working game cartridge for a multimedia project I've been itching to do for a very long time.

Thanks to Jay Van Hutten (@djedditt) for responding to my YouTube message regarding his Flappy Bird cart for GBA (, which led me to
finding Ryan Carson (rychan) and his useful GBDK tutorials.

I'm halfway through "Up and Running with C" by Dan Gookin on, but any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!



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#77 2017-01-17 07:48:27

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Re: Welcome thread

Hi everyone,

I found this awesome forum and would like to introduce myself.

For some time I wanted to make my own working game cartridge. I am comfortable with Assembly and C programming and also know a bit of electronics. As a first step int he process, I am now working on making my own card reader. A very crude prototype on a bread board is working and the next step is to design a PCB which has both read and write functionality. For the cartridge, I plan on making a simple PCB with a memory chip and 32 connectors.

I am happy to share my results when I've made some further progress. Let me know your thoughts. :-)




#78 2017-03-20 16:07:17

Alexander the bat
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Re: Welcome thread

just call me Alex anyway here I go!

I've just recently wanted to try my hand on C Programming after countless no go on BASIC To create Sega Genesis games so I've thought I try C programming to make Gameboy and Gameboy Color games, I'm new to become a C Programmer myself and would love to get into C to make games from it to.

I also own and Run a Developer name of Scythe & Genesis Games - and there's a twitter of that too which will contain news and other tweets from time time.

So I'm basically new to C programming since I really wanted to program something for once on this language!



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