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#1 2018-07-17 12:29:39

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Flashcard based on HUC1a

Hello everyone, that will be my first post here smile

I got some spare cards based on HuC1a controller that I would love to turn into a DIY flash cardridges.
First issue that I see, is that I cannot trace the reset pin on HUC1a controller.

So her's the question, is it possible to create DIY  flashcard based on HUC1a?



#2 2018-08-06 01:42:32

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Re: Flashcard based on HUC1a

The HuC1 is made by Hudson Soft. It's very similar to a mbc1 but it supports infared LED input/output.

So the pinout could be the same.



#3 2018-08-09 13:23:59

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Re: Flashcard based on HUC1a

No, the pinout is completely different:

The reset pin should be 28, which is marked #RESET?#WP in the schematic, because of conflicting information, but it should be reset.

Good luck with your project smile



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