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#76 2019-01-06 15:21:21

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Re: Last Crown Warriors, new game project for Game Boy

Thanks, @drludos!

I take good note of your feedback. Now we are going to detail what the final game will be and it will be very useful.

I think it will be very important to expand the way in which the state of the bases is indicated, it is one of the things that I have in mind and I will think about it.

About balancing, it's funny that you say that because now the only difference between characters is the special weapon. But the differences will evolve for the final release.

In fact, Lilian's special weapon is the most overpowered one in my opinion. When thrown it attracts all the enemies around making it easier to kill them at the same time (it evens manages to attract the boss's claws). It's good to finish the stage early and get the S rank.

We are trying our best to have the game released soon. I will prioritize the most important aspects to add and expand so that the game feels complete but at the same time we can manage to release it soon.

Thanks for the support and for the feedback. I will continue informing you guys of the progress as always smile.



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