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#1 2014-07-09 19:58:55

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[2014] Steins;Gate 8-bit (calc84maniac)

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Steins;Gate 8-bit for Game Boy (Version 0.40, gbdev Gameboy Coding Compo 2014 entry)
by calc84maniac

  This is a clone/remake of the 8-bit sequel to the Steins;Gate anime/visual novel.
  Even though it's a non-canon spinoff, it does contain major spoilers for the original Steins;Gate story.
  It might not make sense unless you've watched/played Steins;Gate, which I highly recommend doing!
  The anime is available for purchase or streaming online, and the visual novel is available now at

  * The first four scenarios of the game, out of seven total
  * Vector graphics rendered in realtime
  * Textual command parsing engine
  * 10 slots for saving and loading games
  * Catchy tunes!

How to play:
  During novel sections, press any key to advance the text, or hold a key down to skip quickly through it.
  During command entry, move the cursor with the arrows, type characters with A, and delete characters with B.
  On the bottom, you can select between a keyboard, a list of common commands, and history of entered commands.
  You can also press SELECT to quickly switch between the keyboard and common commands.
  Select Enter and press A to submit your entered command. You can also press START to submit.
  To save or load the game, type "save" or "load" at the command prompt.
  At certain points in the game, you will need to enter commands to decide what to do next.
  Here are some tips when entering commands, because it can be slightly confusing.
  I've tried to make this version a bit more lenient than the original game as to what commands you can enter,
   but it still helps to have the old-school text adventure mindset.
  There are usually three rules that valid commands follow:
   1) If you want to move in a direction, simply type the direction. (left, right, front, back, up, down, etc.)
   2) If you want to perform an action, simply type the action. (look, talk, eat, etc.)
   3) If you want to perform an action on a certain object, type the action then the object. (look poster, kick can, etc.)
  Full list of credits is in the game, but here are the credits for the GB version.
    ADV Engine Programming:
    English Translation:
      Blick Winkel
    Graphics/Audio/Script Conversion:
    Original content and intellectual properties:
Future Plans:
  In the future, I plan to add the rest of the game's content. Save data should be compatible with future versions.
  I may add some color to the game in GBC mode. The only GBC feature currently in use is faster processing speed.
Change Log:
  Version 0.40:
  * First release of the GB version, featuring the first four scenarios of the game.
  * This version was entered into the gbdev Gameboy Coding Compo 2014.

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#2 2014-12-03 22:47:45

Registered: 2014-01-29
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Re: [2014] Steins;Gate 8-bit (calc84maniac)

I cant seem to get this game to to work for some reason sad   
I think it is something I am not doing.  The graphics look really good,
I just cant get to the screen.

Edit: I did eventually figure it out.  You cant play it in vba, but it does work in BGB.

Last edited by MrElephant (2015-01-20 23:59:01)

Working in Gameboy BASIC.



#3 2014-12-12 21:54:10

New member
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Re: [2014] Steins;Gate 8-bit (calc84maniac)

I made an account just to say, YOU CAN DO IT! This is one of the coolest projects i've ever heard of in recent. I can't wait to see the whole thing.



#4 2015-06-11 05:18:25

a cat
Registered: 2014-07-27
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Re: [2014] Steins;Gate 8-bit (calc84maniac)

awesome game but do you have the source code?
this would be good to learn from

a cat in need of knowledge!!



#5 2016-02-25 19:34:41

New member
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Re: [2014] Steins;Gate 8-bit (calc84maniac)

I have to tell you, this is incredible work. I've played and beaten the original PC version, and the presentation in this one is flawless. It fits perfectly with the joke modes the PC version has where you can play it on recreations of painfully low-spec systems. I also really like how you updated the script with the final localized names for everything (unless Blick did that and I just never knew).

I'm aware that this is over a year old at this point, but I hope you finish this! I'm showing it to all my friends right now and they think it's mindblowingly fantastic.



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