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#1 2015-04-01 13:47:28

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Linux functionality

I haven't seen any documentation regarding using Altane with *nix, can anyone drop some knowledge regarding said functionality?



#2 2015-04-01 17:01:47

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Re: Linux functionality

Linux is supported, however the Linux package consists of source file, and at this point the source needs a bit of a cleanup, so for the time being, this package is only available on request because of, let's call it, my vanity. You need to install a couple of packages for it to work on Linux. On Debian (and most likely Ubuntu as well since it's based on Debian) the required packages can be installed with an apt-get line like:

sudo apt-get install libftdi1 python2.7 python-serial python-tk

Then run ALTANE using a command like:


If python3 is set as your default Python version, you need to replace python with python2.7 in the above command.

In non-Debian-based distros, you need to install the requisite packages in some other way. Libftdi may already be in your OS, or it may need to be installed. Tkinter is often part of Python's standard library, whereas pySerial can be installed with pip.

In theory, ALTANE should work with any OS that can present an FTDI chip as standard UNIX serial port. In practice (*cough* AppleFTDI *cough*) there may be limits on the allowed baud rates which will make ALTANE not work.

I will send you an e-mail with the source package soon.

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