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#1 2017-03-20 16:22:32

Alexander the bat
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Change mapper to MBC5 with at least 32mbit (4mb) of memory + SRAM

Before I even start learning C and I'm gonna use GBDK-N I'm just wondering how I can change the mapper to MBC5 as needed for Gameboy Color Support with 32mbit or 4MB and SRAM so I can make my game to have 4MB worth of code and be played on Real hardware as well. - I figured it out it's a converted hex vaule of 27 = MBC5_RAM_BATTERY according to Rom hasher.

Is there a compling code for GBDK-N or I have to add it to the C Source Code?

Also how to define it's a gameboy color supported with DMG mode as well?

I've tried this - -Wl-yp0x143=0x80 and nothing SDCC did just made it a non gameboy color header, if I need CGB/GB support I'll need to add this in to the code in order to define the rom I'm making.

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