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Modulus not working with lcc?

I started working on a game a couple days ago and the modulus operator isn't working with UINT32. Here's a code snippet:


UINT8 map6[6];
UINT32 score;
UINT32 longX;
void drawScore() {
    //convert score to tiles
    for (i = 1; i <= 6; i++) {
        longX = 10;
        for (x = 1; x < i; x++)
            longX *= 10;
        map6[i - 1] = 53 + (score % longX);

However, when I compile it with lcc, I get the following errors:


?ASlink-Warning-Undefined Global __modulong referenced by module lcc21840

?ASlink-Warning-Undefined Global __mululong referenced by module lcc21840

What am I doing wrong?



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