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#1 2017-04-11 10:46:58

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lcc not compiling?

I recently made some changes to my code for a game I'm working on. Before I made these changes, the .c files compiled perfectly fine. However, after making these changes the compiler would not show any warnings/errors, but when I ran lcc, the target .gb file does not appear.

I've since commented out all these changes but still, it no longer works. I can compile other .c files just fine, though. Are there any errors where lcc has a problem but for some reason doesn't display a warning in the command line? Or is there a limit to how big the .c files can be? My code is split across five files that do different things and the changes that "caused" this error were me attempting to add color palettes to my sprites.

Also worth noting that my compiled code is roughly 22,000 instructions according to BGB's debugger (and I believe the limit is 32k instructions before having to worry about ROM banking, right?)



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