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#1 2017-12-16 09:57:26

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[GBDK] Strange behavior with set_bkg_data


I noticed a strange behaviour using set_bkg_data function on C with GBDK. When I swap 2 tiles in the VRAM, it works fine if the 2 tiles are on the first line in BGB VRAM viewer (tile number 0x00 to tile number 0x0F, corresponding to address 0:9000 to 0:90F0). But if I swap 2 tiles on the second line (and others lines I suppose), the swap is done but the tile become a copy of tile at same position on the first line.

I use tile swapping in VRAM to make animated tiles, so it is not a bloking issue for me, I can dedicate the first line to animated tiles. I just wanted to point this issue, may be someone has got this issue and didn't notice that and just gave up.

Eventually, if someone has a solution for this (or just knows why this happens), I would be happy to know it ^^ Or maybe there is better ways to make animated tiles and swapping in the VRAM should be avoided ?



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