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#1 2009-04-16 03:28:49

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Sound problem with GBDK


first of all sorry for my bad english.

There is few month than I made homebrew on NDS and for fun I want to made some little game for my old gameboy pocket.

So I use GBDK and I´ve no problem with background and sprites. ( I use GBTD and GBMB)

But my problem is to put some music on my game.

First i will see a GBDK exemple and the function play_sample(); but i don´t know how to convert a music file in .c usable for GBDK and if i use this function my program stop to play music...

So i will search another solution and i´ve find the ¨lemon player¨ ( with a little soft to convert and play .mod (8 channel max). It work great alone but with my game i´e an error on compilation :
ERROR; address overfow (addr bf48 >= 8000)   

If someone can explain me how to put music and sfx on my game it will  be very nice.




#2 2014-09-23 10:38:02

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Re: Sound problem with GBDK

Very sorry that its been like 5 years since your question, but on the off chance that you would still like to finish that project I know how to fix that problem. Im guessing you put your music data as an array in a variable, because sometimes if you have to large of variables gbdk does give the address overflow error. A very easy fix for that is to write "const" before your variable declaration. so if it was:
UBYTE sound[] = {
lots of numbers here

it would be:
const UBYTE sound[] = {
lots of numbers here

again I am very sorry that it took you 5 years to have your question answered, I only started gameboy development last week, and only joined gbdev forums today because of the complete lack of information on the internet about gameboy development.



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