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Guide to Building a 2MB MBC5 / MBC1 Hybrid Gameboy Cart


I've seen everyone posting their flash carts here so I thought I'd give it a try myself while documenting the steps / reasoning when coming up with the code, adding the ROM, SRAM, FRAM, Multi-game loader, etc. (If you're in the middle of building your own cart, I probably wouldn't read it all, might spoil the fun/interest of learning things for yourself)

Part 1: CPLD as the MBC and adding Flash as our ROM
Part 2: Adding the SRAM
Part 3: PCBs arrived, Adding some MBC1 support and troubleshooting a few games
Part 4: Adding Multi-game support
Part 5: Using 32KB FRAM and Adding MBC1 2MB ROM Support
Part 6: Multi-game support upgrade and Adding MBC types to CPLD

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