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New Retail-Like Cartridge

So hello, I'm currently working on a new retail-like cartridge schematic and prototype for homebrew games.
It would be based on the DMG-A02-01 board.
My idea was to take a standard Gameboy cartridge schematic and rearrange the wires to that a flashable ROM and compatable FRAM could be installed. I planned on using some publicly released MBC5 Clone code. I had some questions and wanted to verify some of my logic.
The FM18W08-SG FRAM should be compatible with the original RAM based on the datasheets, so that should be fine, yes?
I know next to nothing about FPGAs, so what one would work as an MBC5 clone? And how would I program it?
Does anyone have a schematic for the DMG-A02-01? If not, how do you make one?
I'm pretty sure that is the right datasheet for the OG SRAM, but verification would be good.


FRAM: … ND/4090358
FRAM Datasheet:
OG SRAM Datasheet (?): … 56C_CH.pdf
MBC5 Clone Code:



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