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Gameboy Color Frontlighting

After countless hours of trying to reflect light into my gameboy color and hold it there for god knows for how long while i try and beat the elite 4 in pokemon crystal, i have decided to frontlight mod my gameoby color. But! I have a couple questions first. I bought a dimmer chip from division 6 in place of a contrast dial, and while they have a guide for installing it on the advance, is there one for the color? I know the one on mash-mods but that one isn't the best explained.

Here is the one from

and here is the pinout for the dimmer chip from division 6

As you could see in the division 6 pinout, there is a sync input. ?Huh?. Where would that go in the gameboy color? Do i have to scrap the dimmer chip all together and just put a contrast dial? <- really dont want to. And I'm assuming the Ground on the chip will share the ground with the frontlight? I'm also adding a mini rocker switch for power...will that still work? Also the S1 of the dimmer chip is the power, which is 3.3 volts, where would i wire that to?



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