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#1 2019-10-03 18:05:34

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Implementing LinkCable to Emulator

Hy i just found this forum and hope some one can help me fix my LinkCable issue.

I added a linkcable emulator to a gameboy emulator:

The link cable is implemented in … ial2sock.c

The main thing is i don't shift SB(0xff01) i just swap it and when the transfer is done i clear the  SC flags (0xff02) and trigger the Serial interrupt 0x58. (Technically i think it should be equal to shift and trigger)

I used the comm.c example from gbdev. ( …
The Example works fine. But when i start Tetris with my implementation the game menue works fine (Selections are shown in both instances) But when the game is started the game freezes and is hang up in a loop.

Can some one help me get this fixed?

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#2 2019-10-04 12:11:53

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Re: Implementing LinkCable to Emulator

The emulator can be started to test like this:

GBemulator instance 1:
./GBemulator -l 8008

GBemulator instance 2:
./GBemulator -c 8008

The Current source isn't compiling in Windows(MinGW) because i didn't implement winsock.

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