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Hi all,

Apologies for registering just for the shameless self-promotion. To be honest, I've been developing on the Game Boy for years (literally nearly half my life yikes) but somehow never found this particular place! To whatever extent I was communicating with other retro devs it was on the NESDev boards (which has a GBDev subforum).

Anyway: a brief sabbatical from working has afforded me the extra time to work on some hobby projects, and one that I thought would be neat would be live-developing a Game Boy game to help show others the joys of GB assembly language development.

The game I'm making is a block-breaking game (think Breakout or Arkanoid) called Bustfree!. Right now it's in a very early state - there's a ball, a paddle, and bricks; you can break the bricks; you can lose a ball if it falls off the bottom of the screen; it's all progammer's art and the game just restarts if you get a game over or break all the bricks. But I anticipate development to proceed pretty rapidly - it's just a block-breaker after all.

The source code and ROM are available on GitHub. The code is MIT-licensed, so you can use any portion of it for your own game if you desire.

You can watch me stream development live on Twitch every week day at 2PM PT, and you can watch older videos on Youtube. The videos aren't done as tutorials; I do try to explain my thinking (or lack thereof) as I go, which might be instructive, but I'm really hoping interested parties can tune in and ask questions to help themselves and other viewers learn.



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