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Colorization gameboy

hello.i would like post here an interesting thing i saw the yesterday.It is a option of use a file with colour for game boy games.It seem no difficult implement on other emulator ,and create the color files. … _masterboy

i have talked with some emulator creator,as goomba for ds,and vba-m,about if it would be interesting  add that freature on his emulators.

That is one of thing i suggest  add on "the engine" but doing it external ,no for real gameboy color.

But i go on thinking we also can try implement the original idea.
Create a "hack" for all games of gameboy and add color (hicolor) on it directly on gameboy color hardware.
(it would similar to cheat codes but adding more instruction )

It would be that way:

1)change hardware initiation,and if it detect gbcolor,jump to our code.else skip it.
Run double speed cpu.we have extra cicles and extra vram for using ,because gameboy color has more memory and mhz than normal gb.with that resources we can implement that:

Before nivel,presentation,...init the hires palette and jump normal game,and when it draws a tile or script,colourized it with the  colors definided on the  palette we have on the extra ram.

When game start next level,before start,change hicolor palete ,and do the same.

For create the hires palete we can use the idea i post in begining.First colourized with pc,and with that ini ,"convert it" to gb hicolor and create the hires palette.

And add the files as a ips on the rom.


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