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#1 2022-08-07 16:14:22

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Is there a Tileset Colorizer tool?


Today I experimented a bit with different tools to come up with a faster workflow for creating tilesets, but couldn't find what I was looking for.
I'd like to do graphics that look good on both DMG and CGB, for that purpose came up with the following:
I'd ideally first do the grayscale image. Then import it into the hypothetical tool which lets me apply one of 8 palettes to each of the 8x8 grids (with live feedback), then export both the assignment of the palettes and the palettes themselves.
Does such a tool exist?

I found the "GBColorizer" tool, but it's intended for ROMHacks (thus only exports finished ROMs) and doesn't allow to export the palette data itself.
Before that I tried to go in the reverse direction (color tileset PNG -> greyscale) trying out gbdk's png2asset, rgbgfx and brewtool's map-zapper. The results were okay, but need some cumbersome manual adjustments, and I was wondering if I overlooked something.



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