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For DOS/Windows

jsGB by Imran Nazar
JSGB by by Pedro Ladaria
GameBoy Online

For Handhelds
Lameboy DS for NDS
Goomba for GBA
Rin for PSP
TI-Boy SE for TI-83+ SE/TI-84


BGB by beware is a gameboy/color emulator/debugger. It has a no$gmb-like debugger, but lacks some of no$gmb's disadvantages. It has a high accuracy, comparable to Gambatte. Its accuracy and powerful debugger, make it popular among gamers and developers alike. BGB's accuracy is regarded within the community as being close to actual hardware.


  • Homepage:
  • Type: Emulator/Debugger
  • Platform: Windows
  • License: Freeware
  • Current version: 1.5.8
  • Last updated: 2020-03-17

Feature list

  • Emulation of the GameBoy, GameBoy Color, and Super Gameboy
  • Support for MBC1/2/3/5/7 and HuC1/3
  • SGB multiplayer with up to 4 gamepads
  • Powerful debugger:
    • Disassembler
    • Assembler (change code and ability to save modified rom)
    • Breakpoints
    • Break on access
    • Conditional breakpoints
    • Singlestepping/tracing/animating/step out/step over
    • Vram viewer: BG map, tiles, OAM, palette
    • I/O registers viewer
    • Break on exceptions (accessing inaccessible VRAM, read unitialized WRAM and HRAM, echo ram access, access locked external ram, disable video outside vblank)
  • Save state support
  • Graphics output: directdraw and DIB supported
  • Sound output: waveout, directsound and disk writer supported
  • Runs almost all roms perfectly, compatibility comparable with the best GB/C emulators
  • Accurate/high quality sound emulation, can generate bandlimited rectangular waves
  • Accurate video emulation.
  • Joystick/Gamepad support, everything configurable
  • Configurable interface keys (able to be mapped to gamepad)i
  • MBC3 Real Time Clock emulation.
  • Auto delay/frameskip, gameboy runs at 100% real speed and full ~60 fps, or any adjustable speed.
  • GameGenie and GameShark cheat, load/save cheats (auto and manual), "cheat searcher", easy creation of new cheat codes
  • Save/load state with quick (zsnes style) keys.
  • Load from zip and gzip files
  • Not dependent on DirectX or runtime libraries.
  • Support for optional border bitmap and pseudo fullscreen mode.
  • TCP/IP game link support