CPU Instruction Set

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Tables below specify the mnemonic, opcode bytes, clock cycles, affected flags (ordered as znhc), and explanatation. The timings assume a CPU clock frequency of 4.194304 MHz (or 8.4 MHz for CGB in double speed mode), as all gameboy timings are divideable by 4, many people specify timings and clock frequency divided by 4.

GMB 8bit-Loadcommands

 ld   r,r         xx         4 ---- r=r
 ld   r,n         xx nn      8 ---- r=n
 ld   r,(HL)      xx         8 ---- r=(HL)
 ld   (HL),r      7x         8 ---- (HL)=r
 ld   (HL),n      36 nn     12 ----
 ld   A,(BC)      0A         8 ----
 ld   A,(DE)      1A         8 ----
 ld   A,(nn)      FA        16 ----
 ld   (BC),A      02         8 ----
 ld   (DE),A      12         8 ----
 ld   (nn),A      EA        16 ----
 ld   A,(FF00+n)  F0 nn     12 ---- read from io-port n (memory FF00+n)
 ld   (FF00+n),A  E0 nn     12 ---- write to io-port n (memory FF00+n)
 ld   A,(FF00+C)  F2         8 ---- read from io-port C (memory FF00+C)
 ld   (FF00+C),A  E2         8 ---- write to io-port C (memory FF00+C)
 ldi  (HL),A      22         8 ---- (HL)=A, HL=HL+1
 ldi  A,(HL)      2A         8 ---- A=(HL), HL=HL+1
 ldd  (HL),A      32         8 ---- (HL)=A, HL=HL-1
 ldd  A,(HL)      3A         8 ---- A=(HL), HL=HL-1

GMB 16bit-Loadcommands

 ld   rr,nn       x1 nn nn  12 ---- rr=nn (rr may be BC,DE,HL or SP)
 ld   SP,HL       F9         8 ---- SP=HL
 push rr          x5        16 ---- SP=SP-2  (SP)=rr   (rr may be BC,DE,HL,AF)
 pop  rr          x1        12 (AF) rr=(SP)  SP=SP+2   (rr may be BC,DE,HL,AF)

GMB 8bit-Arithmetic/logical Commands

 add  A,r         8x         4 z0hc A=A+r
 add  A,n         C6 nn      8 z0hc A=A+n
 add  A,(HL)      86         8 z0hc A=A+(HL)
 adc  A,r         8x         4 z0hc A=A+r+cy
 adc  A,n         CE nn      8 z0hc A=A+n+cy
 adc  A,(HL)      8E         8 z0hc A=A+(HL)+cy
 sub  r           9x         4 z1hc A=A-r
 sub  n           D6 nn      8 z1hc A=A-n
 sub  (HL)        96         8 z1hc A=A-(HL)
 sbc  A,r         9x         4 z1hc A=A-r-cy
 sbc  A,n         DE nn      8 z1hc A=A-n-cy
 sbc  A,(HL)      9E         8 z1hc A=A-(HL)-cy
 and  r           Ax         4 z010 A=A & r
 and  n           E6 nn      8 z010 A=A & n
 and  (HL)        A6         8 z010 A=A & (HL)
 xor  r           Ax         4 z000
 xor  n           EE nn      8 z000
 xor  (HL)        AE         8 z000
 or   r           Bx         4 z000 A=A | r
 or   n           F6 nn      8 z000 A=A | n
 or   (HL)        B6         8 z000 A=A | (HL)
 cp   r           Bx         4 z1hc compare A-r
 cp   n           FE nn      8 z1hc compare A-n
 cp   (HL)        BE         8 z1hc compare A-(HL)
 inc  r           xx         4 z0h- r=r+1
 inc  (HL)        34        12 z0h- (HL)=(HL)+1
 dec  r           xx         4 z1h- r=r-1
 dec  (HL)        35        12 z1h- (HL)=(HL)-1
 daa              27         4 z-0x decimal adjust akku
 cpl              2F         4 -11- A = A xor FF

GMB 16bit-Arithmetic/logical Commands

 add  HL,rr     x9           8 -0hc HL = HL+rr     ;rr may be BC,DE,HL,SP
 inc  rr        x3           8 ---- rr = rr+1      ;rr may be BC,DE,HL,SP
 dec  rr        xB           8 ---- rr = rr-1      ;rr may be BC,DE,HL,SP
 add  SP,dd     E8          16 00hc SP = SP +/- dd ;dd is 8bit signed number
 ld   HL,SP+dd  F8          12 00hc HL = SP +/- dd ;dd is 8bit signed number

GMB Rotate- und Shift-Commands

 rlca           07           4 000c rotate akku left
 rla            17           4 000c rotate akku left through carry
 rrca           0F           4 000c rotate akku right
 rra            1F           4 000c rotate akku right through carry
 rlc  r         CB 0x        8 z00c rotate left
 rlc  (HL)      CB 06       16 z00c rotate left
 rl   r         CB 1x        8 z00c rotate left through carry
 rl   (HL)      CB 16       16 z00c rotate left through carry
 rrc  r         CB 0x        8 z00c rotate right
 rrc  (HL)      CB 0E       16 z00c rotate right
 rr   r         CB 1x        8 z00c rotate right through carry
 rr   (HL)      CB 1E       16 z00c rotate right through carry
 sla  r         CB 2x        8 z00c shift left arithmetic (b0=0)
 sla  (HL)      CB 26       16 z00c shift left arithmetic (b0=0)
 swap r         CB 3x        8 z000 exchange low/hi-nibble
 swap (HL)      CB 36       16 z000 exchange low/hi-nibble
 sra  r         CB 2x        8 z00c shift right arithmetic (b7=b7)
 sra  (HL)      CB 2E       16 z00c shift right arithmetic (b7=b7)
 srl  r         CB 3x        8 z00c shift right logical (b7=0)
 srl  (HL)      CB 3E       16 z00c shift right logical (b7=0)

GMB Singlebit Operation Commands

 bit  n,r       CB xx        8 z01- test bit n
 bit  n,(HL)    CB xx       12 z01- test bit n
 set  n,r       CB xx        8 ---- set bit n
 set  n,(HL)    CB xx       16 ---- set bit n
 res  n,r       CB xx        8 ---- reset bit n
 res  n,(HL)    CB xx       16 ---- reset bit n

GMB CPU-Controlcommands

 ccf            3F           4 -00c cy=cy xor 1
 scf            37           4 -001 cy=1
 nop            00           4 ---- no operation
 halt           76         N*4 ---- halt until interrupt occurs (low power)
 stop           10 00        ? ---- low power standby mode (VERY low power)
 di             F3           4 ---- disable interrupts, IME=0
 ei             FB           4 ---- enable interrupts, IME=1

GMB Jumpcommands

 jp   nn        C3 nn nn    16 ---- jump to nn, PC=nn
 jp   HL        E9           4 ---- jump to HL, PC=HL
 jp   f,nn      xx nn nn 16;12 ---- conditional jump if nz,z,nc,c
 jr   PC+dd     18 dd       12 ---- relative jump to nn (PC=PC+/-7bit)
 jr   f,PC+dd   xx dd     12;8 ---- conditional relative jump if nz,z,nc,c
 call nn        CD nn nn    24 ---- call to nn, SP=SP-2, (SP)=PC, PC=nn
 call f,nn      xx nn nn 24;12 ---- conditional call if nz,z,nc,c
 ret            C9          16 ---- return, PC=(SP), SP=SP+2
 ret  f         xx        20;8 ---- conditional return if nz,z,nc,c
 reti           D9          16 ---- return and enable interrupts (IME=1)
 rst  n         xx          16 ---- call to 00,08,10,18,20,28,30,38