GameBoy Online

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GameBoy Online

Tentatively named GameBoy Online, this emulator is the first GameBoy Color emulator written in JavaScript, as well as the first GameBoy emulator in JavaScript to include sound support. It started with some video code ported from MeBoy and the borrowing of some opcode implementation code from jsGB (Pedro Ladaria one). Over time, this emulator has become the first JavaScript GameBoy emulator to provide many times over greater accuracy than the previous emulators written in JavaScript. This is also the only emulators as of writing that has the user load in his or her own ROM files into it instead of pre-loading a very limited set of ROMs for the user to play from.


  • Homepage: GameBoy Online
  • Type: Emulator
  • Platforms: Cross-platform (An HTML5 and JavaScript capable browser)
  • License: GPL 2
  • Current Version: N/A (No versioning as of yet)
  • Last updated: December 22, 2010

Feature List

  • GameBoy Color boot ROM included and used by default.
  • All four sound channels emulated.
  • MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, and MBC5 supported.
  • GameBoy classic games (B/W) colorized by the boot ROM's color palette.
  • Real Time Clock supported.
  • Freeze States.
  • Joypad supported.
  • Graphics supported.
  • CGB double speed mode supported.
  • Special nearest neighbor scaling in Firefox 3.6+