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The gbdev Discord server has built up a number of inside jokes.

Accurate1.pngAccurate2.png :accurate1:, :accurate2:, Inaccurate1.pngInaccurate2.png :inaccurate1:, :inaccurate2:
Used in pairs, they represent the title screen of Pinball Deluxe, a Game Boy game that has built up a reputation of being notoriously hard to emulate, drawn in both normal and corrupt ways.
Kappa.png, Kappa2.png :Kappa:
Usually represents sarcasm. This may appear as the face of web developer Josh DeSeno or as a male kappa (anthropomorphic sea turtle) from the game Scribblenauts.
Impostor kappa.png :impostor_kappa:
Similar to :Kappa: but with 100% more DMG LCD shade of green.
🦆️ :duck:
Similar in some ways to :kappa:. Took on a double meaning once the Mega Duck system on chip was discovered to be a Game Boy with no boot ROM and a rearranged register ($FF00-$FF7F) map, with most of the same quirks. As of mid-2021, the server icon depicts a mallard duck on the screen of an atomic purple Game Boy Color system.
Maxd.png :maxd:
Emoji representing a user having "ninja'd" someone else. Resembles :gun: 🔫️
Morphon.png :morphon:
Variant of :smirk: 😏️
Ohboy.png :ohboy: and Noboy.png :noboy:
Variant of :accurate1: family taken from the Game Boy Color demo Demotronic by 1MB. It begins by testing wave RAM read blocking behavior, showing :ohboy: and "OH BOY!" on success or :noboy: and "NO BOY! NO DEMO!" on failure.
Punapple.png :punapple:
A :pineapple: 🍍️ over user PinoBatch's avatar, used as a symbol of wordplay. Pino is a staff member on that server known for his love of puns. Some people find his puns a bit weird; sometimes attributed to the fact that he is openly autistic. He's always willing to explain a joke that a user doesn't get.
SMOrc.png :SMOrc:
"ironic anger/disappointment" according to one member
Super Mario 83
Nickname introduced by Videogamer555 for the Sharp CPU core in the Game Boy system on chip, which is thought to be identical to the SM83 CPU core in a Sharp air conditioner microcontroller. Built up a bunch of lore about there being undocumented functionality to accelerate games.
Thinkgb.png :thinkgb:
Variant of :thinking: 🤔️ with the face replaced with a Game Boy.