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About the Gameboy Development Wiki

The GBDev Wiki is an effort to collect and systemize information about the Gameboy-Z80, its hardware, tools for software development, perhaps example source code, and serve as a reference for people who might be interested in Gameboy software development and hardware modification. The information is out there. But as I see it there are a couple of problems that with the fact that the information i scattered over the internet.

  • It might be hard to find some of the more obscure information. Having the information in a Wiki will make it more readily accessible for those who might search for it.
  • Most information on the net is not editable. By putting this information in a Wiki, anyone can contribute to the information.
  • As time passes by, some information will vanish, because people who used to develop for and document the old Gameboy models will probably have forgotten their passwords/not care about their old web space accounts, etc. I will guarantee that he information in this Wiki will survive many years to come.

Therefore, I believe a Wiki is a good format for the information.