Test ROMs

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A test ROM is a program designed specifically to test whether the platform that the program is running on is working correctly. A test ROM can be used to test the accuracy of an emulator, as well as compare the behavior of different hardware revisions.

Blargg's tests

Blargg's tests are available at: http://blargg.parodius.com/gb-tests/

Test / Emulator BGB Gambatte KiGB no$gmb VBA
DMG Sound (v2) Failed
01:02 02:ok 03:03
04:02 05:02 06:01
07:05 08:01 09:01
10:01 11:03 12:01
Instruction timing Passed
Memory timing (v2) Failed as of 1.12 (public)
01:01 02:01 03:01

Passed as of 1.13.dev (non-public)

OAM bug(v2) Failed
01:02 02:02 03:ok
04:03 05:02 06:ok
07:01 08:02