Tricky-to-emulate games

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Some Game Boy games depend on hard-to-emulate or just obscure behavior that some popular (or formerly popular) emulators get wrong.

Daedalian Opus (JP: Bouken Puzzle Road)
To be described
Pinball Deluxe
A combination of quirks, to be described
Prehistorik Man
Title screen depends on mid-screen writes to BGP.
Road Rash (original version) and Xerd no Densetsu
These run only on a monochrome system (Game Boy, Super Game Boy, or Game Boy pocket), not a color system (Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Player), because they depend on writes to STAT briefly enabling IRQ for all modes.

Game bugs

Hardware quirks and program errors cause some released Game Boy games to look wrong or odd on authentic hardware. Ideally, games should look exactly as wrong in an emulator as they do on hardware. Refer to this list if you're developing an emulator and a particular game looks wrong so that you don't go "fixing" bugs while breaking your emulator.

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