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-Name: Back to Color -Author: AntonioND -Forum user: AntonioND (who'd have said it...) -Description: Here it is my first GBC demo. I started it like four years ago, but stopped after doing 3 scenes (not great, that's why I stopped). I've coded the rest in just a few weeks, in fact I started doing new effects a few days before the GBDev compo announcement. So... that's it! I hope you like it! I've coded it, and made the music, the only thing I haven't done is the train screen graphics and the credits graphics. Oh, and it shows a little credits screen in non-color gameboys! If you want to skip some parts, hold up/right/down/left when the demo is loading if you want to skip 1/2/3/4 songs. I've attached the binary and some screenshots. It works on most emulators (the pentagon thing has a problem with priorities in old versions of VBA, but BGB, Gambatte and VBA-M emulate it correctly) and, of course, real hardware. And here's a little video for the lazy ones smile === Source code on GitHub and other things: Download is in the blog, or here: The demo binary should be the same as here.
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