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These ROMs are music ROMs that nitro2k01 (me) has done development work on. All of them use modified versions of either LSDj or Carillon, and music composed by other artists. ================ This is the only ROM in this directory not developed by me, but it's included for context. This is the free version of the 2012 ASM Christmas Card that was developed by Ultramega (Chris Antonellis) and was available for download on the ASM Retro website. The full version released on cartridge contained three traditional Christmas songs, covered by nordloef: 1. Jingle Bells 2. Silent Night, Holy Night 3. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer This free version only contains Jingle Bells. handheld heroes player rev =============================== This is a bonus ROM for the Handheld Heroes Volume One compilation. The compilation contains 40 tracks by as many artists, but the ROM only has 4 tracks by Maru303, nordloef, BSK and Saskrotch. It was released in 2012 and was the first release using nitro2k01's modded LSDj player version. This player is based on the standard version of LSDj, but modified to read song data from ROM instead of RAM. This makes it possible to run it on a cartridge without external SRAM or a battery. The whole compilation is still available for download on Bandcamp: ================== Heebie-GBs is a Halloween-themed music compilation published by ASM. It's also based on the modded LSDj player and has 7 tracks: 1. nordloef - Cradle to the Rave 2. Aaron Ishibashi - Freaky Fugue 3. Solarbear - Pornogoblin 4. Tommy Creep - The Witch 5. pixelherozero - Thrashold 6. Vegas Diamond - Skulljam 7. Matthew Joseph Payne - Zoinks! =============== The ASM Xmas Card is a musical season's greetings card on a cartridge. Released in 2016, it was based on a modified version of Carillon in order to fit 4 songs (not counting any easter eggs that may or may not exist) on a 32 kB cartridge. The music on this cartridge was composed by chiptune wizard nordloef. This free ROM does not include any of the easter eggs, which are exclusive to the cartridge release. The songs included in this release are: 1. Sleigh Ride 2. Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town 3. Carol of the Bells 4. Deck the Halls ===================== This is a public version of the previously mentioned ASM Xmas Card. This is a modified version of the cartridge release that includes the easter eggs, including the three songs from the cartridge version of the 2012 release. =================== Heebie-GBs made a return in 2019, and this version has some major technical improvements. The LSDj GUI is no longer shown, and instead custom graphics, animated to the rhythm of the music can be shown. The ROM is also shrunk to 512 kB, which was achieved by removing parts of LSDj that were unnecessary for the function of the modded player. This free ROM does not include any of the easter eggs, which are exclusive to the cartridge release. The track list is as follows: 1. nordloef - Scarecrow Harvest 2. Ramstorm - Skeletal Longevity 3. Immortan - Murder by Moonlight 4. Graz - Death Becomes 5. Tommy Creep - Ghost Emoji 6. donotrunwithpixels - Parthenogenesis 7. The Other Days - Super Château Ultra 8. Rebb - Ken Perlin's Noise Get Schwifty! ============= Custom Rick & Morty cartridge made for Justin Roiland by commission from Retro Modding. (Double RM!) Music by Rainbowdragoneyes. The ROM for this release is not public, but you can get a glimpse of the cartridge on Justin's Instagram feed. Remute - Living Electronics =========================== Living Electronics is Remute's latest addition to a series of albums released for vintage consoles, having previously released album on Sega Mega Drive and SNES cartridge. Remute also happens to form the initials RM, so it's in good company with the previous release. The ROM for this release is not available for download, but as of July 2021 you can (pre-)order you own copy of the cartridge.
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