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sass step-girl
ENGLISH (web translation)

* Sass step-girl is Semiotomachikkusuteppushikensa GAMEBOY is used.
* I have stopped updating this tool.
* This is chiptune software for real-time performance use.
* This software is free. You may possess and use it without permission.
* Free to share links for redistribution; if you want, I can provide the source (GBDK used).

* The expert mode can now be used more easily with instruments.

Latest Information

* Some information on the original GB was changed and there was something wrong regarding its behavior.
* 2004. 2.14 BUILD 15 public.
* EXPERT MODE added.
* B MODE has been added to EXPERT MODE.
o In this mode (blue, easy included) is, step-girl’s best mode to play the instruments.
o detailed description, page description of the expert mode. ↓ + select will allow you to choose.
(Lower left + selecting the blue, in the lower right + select easy, you can make a new selection.)
* Changed name details (→ phase mode), bug fixes.
* Slightly changed key operation.

Main functions:

* Real-time performance
* Auto-Save

Recommended usage with:
* LSDj, nanoloop and use with, put an ad lib.
* To use as a live prop.
* Amaze your friends.

Not recommended for use:
* While riding a train. (This is junk around.)
* While operating a motorized vehicle. (This is very dangerous. Please refrain from attempting.)
* Jazz, blues session use. (Where most are conservative. Be banned.)

How to:
The basic intuition.
Session Phase

* Start + select to Edittofezu
* A sound
* ← + A perfect fifth on the pitch
* → + A full 04 degrees on the pitch
* ↑ + A half step on the pitch
* ↓ + A whole step down the pitch
* ← + B step reset
* Start + 1 pattern
* Select -1 pattern
A tone is, A can change the mode.
* Key Cross + start change. ↑ ← + start Duty 12.5%
* ↑ + start Duty 50%
* ↑ → + start Duty 75%
* ↓ ← + start Sine
* ↓ + start Triangle
* ↓ → + start Saw up
B,, B-mode by changing roles
* Key Cross + B ↑ + select B-mode used in Harmony
* ↑ ← + select B sweep
Expert Mode
Expert Mode + select * ↓ explanation in expert mode (Normal)
Blue Mode * ↓ ← + select
Easy Mode * ↓ → + select


* Start + select to Edittofezu
* Start + 1 pattern
* Select -1 pattern
* A + cross key change pitch
Check interval * A + B

* Ends that specific step loop.
* Automatically moves to the next step.

Authors, contributors

* S. O (main program)
* Kikuchan (away testing)
* Nira (away testing, Advisor)
* Quarta330 (Advisor)
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