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#1 2016-06-01 15:42:23

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Some tools

Over the years I rolled some of my own tools and I figured I might as well share them. First out is:

Gameboy Sprite Exporter

Function like most other converters out there. Biggest different is that it allows you to paste in your sprites and copy the exported code to the clipboard.

ctrl + c - copies exported code to the clipboard
ctrl + v - paste image from clipboard
ctrl + s - save the code to file

Ogmo Map Converter

A simple command line tool to convert the map files from the ogmo editor into arrays.
It can't handle all of ogmos stuff yet. So far it can convert Tile Layers and Grid layers with either bitstring or rectangle as export options.


The tools are made after my own needs, so if I missed something that could be useful or if something is broken let me know.



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#3 2016-07-09 17:30:40

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Re: Some tools

Nice stuff! Always fun to see what different features gets built in to gb tools.



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