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#1 2019-12-14 16:35:59

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Is there a GB music/effects website?

The subject explains my doubt perfectly. I'm bad at composing music or create sound effects for my games, and it would be great to have any website with resources to use.
Thanks for your help.



#2 2020-02-15 03:55:23

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Re: Is there a GB music/effects website?

This is what I found when playing with note values:
// notes and their value.
// c - 255
// b - 238
// a - 210
// g - 175
// f - 135
// e - 109
// d - 55
// c - 0
This is when either NR11_REG or NR21_REG has a value of 0x86. I don't know about other values. Sorry for the late reply.

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#3 2020-02-15 08:42:50

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Re: Is there a GB music/effects website?

If you're using RGBDS or GBDK, there is GBT Player. It provides you a template file you can edit in Open MPT, create a track then convert it into code that your game can use.

Part 1, writing your music:

Part 2, applying it to your game (GBDK):

I do not know the process for playing it in your game through RGBDS, but I do know that GBT player is made to work with it. GBDK is legacy, meaning they are not updating it anymore, but the old builds still work.

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