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#1 2010-03-14 20:42:43

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Another RGBDS fork

Hey guys,

Occasionally I hack on RGBDS to make it behave more like my favorite applications. Now I'd like some feedback. This is a fork of vegard's rgbds-linux, which hasn't seen much activity since it was first started.

You can get it with git:
git clone git://

Some of the changes:
- Renamed xlib/xlink to rgblib/rgblink, for consistency
- Linkfiles are no longer needed, you can do "rgblink -o *.o" instead
- RGBFix can change just about anything in the header now
- Most error messages print to stderr now, and a lot have been improved
- Including part of a binary file is supported (like in lai's version)
- The install code has been made more portable; it now installs with no problem on BSD.
- Man pages!

Lots of the command-line options have been changed (for the better, IMO), but all ASM code should still compile without changes.

So what do you guys think?



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