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#1 2016-03-21 17:51:27

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Hello Everyone,

Alright here is what is happening.  I am using an old program of Jeff's called Gameboy basic.
If you have ever used it, you would know that you could write code in BASIC on the Gameboy.
However, as I do not want to type all of the code on the Gameboy itself (because it is tremendously slow to do so), I have
tried to use other means. 

The issue:  Okay when I export the sav and reimport the sav of course it works, after it goes through the converter something
goes wrong, so obviously I am doing something wrong....    The error in vba just says "corrupt file"

Originally I tried to use GBBConv 1.21 with the most recent version of GB BASIC, but I was not successful,
so I went back and used version 1.21 of GB BASIC, which still didn't work. Finally I used the original version of the conversion
software with version 1.08 and wasn't able to get it to work.

I did all of this in dosbox window 95, so all of the tools are working fine. 
I originally get the sav file from exporting the sav file from vba.

Some references: micahs old page … h/gameboy/
some info on the converter    --important to know how to convert

Also here is some information taken directly from the text file
        GBBconv is a progam that converts between the binary tokenized
format that GBbasic uses to store a program in SRAM, and nice ASCII text.
It can even be used to print out programs from the game boy! GBbasic was
written by Jeff Frohwein (, and I couldn't have made
this program without Jeff! The syntax for running the converter is:
        GBBconv <operation> <infile> <outfile> [/A]
                Operation can be:
                   b- convert text to binary, with no smart card header
                   t- convert binary to text, autodetecting smart card header
                Use /A to create an autorun file. Only works with text 2 bin
If you want a smart card header on the output, use my ADDHDR utility. Here
are some examples of using the converter. Note: Generally, GBbasic binary
files are .SAV, and ascii files are .BAS.
        GBBconv t program.SAV PRN
                Prints a program out
        GBBconv t program.SAV program.BAS
                Binary to ascii
        GBBconv b program.BAS program.SAV
                Return back to binary after editing.
The only syntax requirement for the converter is that the input file's lines
start with a line number, then any number of spaces, then the rest of the
line.  Blank lines are allowed, and must NOT contain line numbers. You
can use any mix of upper and lower case in the program, but it will all be
converted to lower case. In case you need help, there are a few sample
programs that you can convert and run."

So I opened up the files inside a hex editor and a text editor to see what was different (without changing anything)---and the converter does change stuff--imagine that,
so the new sav file isn't the same as the original. 

Can someone help me out?

Working in Gameboy BASIC.



#2 2016-03-23 20:54:08

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Re: GBbasic

Maybe if you posted the files, somebody could take a look. Everything else is just a wild goose chase or waiting for a person that had the exact same issue back in the day, resolved it, and still posts to forums.





#3 2016-03-23 21:40:29

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Re: GBbasic

Was actually hoping you would respond Tauwasser, as you are a well respected and highly intelligent member of the forums.
Give me a few minutes to gather all of the files, and I will upload them as a zip.


As I don't see a way to upload files to this forum, I will upload this to mediafire.

I tried again to get the save working, but now vba isn't even accepting the save after it goes through the converter.

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Working in Gameboy BASIC.



#4 2016-03-25 16:50:10

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Re: GBbasic

Don't use vba, use bgb.

Much better emulator. Accuracy over performance.



#5 2016-03-25 20:24:12

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Re: GBbasic

Even using bgb, the emulator only reads the original data.  If you make any changes it doesn't pick it up.

I already had bgb on my computer, but I just like vba better.  I just didn't think that the emulator would matter when reading sav files.

Any ideas on why the emulators arent picking up the changes?

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Working in Gameboy BASIC.



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