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#1 2008-06-06 01:45:38

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Sound tools and playback?

I've gotten used to most of the Gameboy's hardware features but haven't even touched sound controller. Now comes the time that I'd really like to add some sound and music to a little game I'm working on, but I need some tools first. Are there any good PC based tools for writing music and sound effects for the Gameboy that can be adapted to use in a game?

How is sound playback handled? My guess is that it's as simple as stepping through some sort of formatted sound data in ROM, interpreting it, and filling the sound registers with appropriate values at the right times. Is this really the "right" way to do this or am I missing something important?

Sorry for asking so many questions ]=

I've gotten the Carillon player up and running. It's not exactly what I'd hoped for (the editor runs on hardware :/ ), but it works well and was easy to set up.

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