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Pokémon Sun/Moon for DMG/Color

I am starting on chapter 1 page 1.
I have 0 experience programming anything.
... hear me out...
When Sun and Moon were first announced I did everything in my power to get a copy.
I could barely contain my excitement and replayed the first two gens in "preparation".
I preordered Sun and when it finally arrived I tore right into it.
I skipped a few generations and was excited to learn new Pokémon and characters.
On my journey I couldn't help but notice something. There was an overlaying sort of feeling that I couldn't shake... it was just... so damn easy.
Everything in this world was spoon fed to you. Every convenience was provided. The hard decisions you had to make in the classic games was something that made them great.
Did you want to spread out your hms? Or pile them onto one utility Pokémon?  Naah, why bother. You can just use everyone else's Pokémon for your hms.
Want to spend money on those items but realize that you have to budget properly? Pff, bitch you're rich in Sun/Moon.
I had so many freaking items and tools and a virtually bottomless bag full of crap.
The first two gens were ruggid and difficult and full of problems, it was much more real to me because of those factors.
It wasn't as simple as, 'just follow the trail right in front of you'.
A realization dawned on me then. I know many people have created home brew versions of the originals. I could do the same but I have no idea what to do... if there's something I need spoon fed to me it's this.
I want to bring Sun and Moon to Game Boy and Game Boy color. I want to make them difficult just like the old versions. No clues or giveaways.
I want a hard copy cartridge that I can play on my Game Boy.
I want to bring the newest Pokémon to the best console ever.
I want to make copies and give them to people who help me along the way! Haha
And I need a lot of help!



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Re: Pokémon Sun/Moon for DMG/Color

Look at ROM hacking one of the GB/GBC generation Pokemon games. With zero programming experience it would take a long time to build something like Sun/Moon for Gameboy from scratch. If you'd like to take a stab at it I would recommend looking at some of the tutorials on the wiki and work from there.

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Re: Pokémon Sun/Moon for DMG/Color

This is completely off-topic but I never felt Gen I was difficult. Just that they are horribly badly programmed.
Also I disagree on the linearity, there's never more than one path to go forwards to.

On GB dev stuff : you're going to have a very hard time. First problem is that you'll have to render all 3D models into sprites, convert the music, and build the engine. The first can be done with 0 programming knowledge if you're good as an artist. The second will be hard even if you're good at music because you'll see you can't just produce 8-bit music on a GB, there are more restrictions. The third will probably be a nightmare, even more if it's your first time programming.
And I didn't speak about cramming all the content on a GBC cart. It may be possible, who knows.

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Re: Pokémon Sun/Moon for DMG/Color

You will need to check out other sties as well @expanding onto ISStom's comment. 
A couple of helpful hints from a person who was once a pokemon hacker himself.

I dont know if I am allowed posting links to other sites here, but you can yell at me later.  Anyways-info about these sites.  Start with going to the skeetendo site (first website).  Read EVERY tutorial, even the ones that are outdated.  After a while you will read that ASM is required, and someone like sawakita will post a link.  Follow that tutorial until you learn everything.  Next, travel to the pokecommunity and whack a hack forums to see if they have any extra tools to edit the games; there are a couple of guys that have posted AI team editors and such.  Grab em' and have some fun.  Eventually youll have to go to the chat group on skeetendo because youll get confused.  Sanqui on here is one of their leaders, and can help you out with that.  Its a long process, and a hard one at that.  You'll have to think to yourself if its even worth putting in all of this effort when you cant even sell the game you make.  Its much harder to program/hack then genIII, so I suggest that you reconsider your options carefully before you start the process, as you wouldnt want to back out and restart after you have something going.  If you change your mind, and go the genIII route-pokecommunity and whack a hack have lots of tutorials are the websites, and have many example games/resources to help you along the way.

Edit:  I wanted to throw in an extra word of caution for you.  You'll have to lower your standards a little.  Before starting a rom hack, please note that nothing is going to turn out the way you'll expect it to.  This is a multi year process of much learning.  Something extra I might add, try to find other people who find what you are doing as interesting-as making a hack such as this is going to require a TEAM.  Otherwise, it will be too time consuming, you'll lose interest in it, and eventually/subsequently quit.  Third, I wanted to add that in my experience, I have never seen ANYONE make a good quality hack of a past/future game in the series EXCEPT for the instance of Pokemon Shinygold that was a hack of Firered made to look like Gold.  Please take into account this hack was out before Heartgold.  By this statement I mean that I have not seen, for instance, a hack made for say Pokemon Diamond-on Pokemon Silver, or such-as this would be exceedingly time consuming to make.  However, there are some extraordinary hacks out there-as you'll find for yourself.

Good luck smile

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