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#1 2009-11-13 09:18:52

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USB Gameboy Cardridge Programmer


i developping a USB gameboy cardridge programmer but i need some help.

first i have succeeded for read (dump) a 32ko card without any problem. i dump tetris cardridge and it was very funny !!!

But when i try to read a 64ko card with a mbc1 (super mario land ) inside i fail.
the file dump result show me that at 0x4000 there is content of first 16ko ( fixed home).

like it is write in datasheet, to configure MBC1 i write 0x01 (on D0... D7 ) at 0x2000 (A15 ... A0 ) for access to bank 1.
And the cardridge is in write mode ( /WR = 0 , /RD = 1).

i have question for you :

Is this way is correct ? If not , how can i have to configure MBC1 for it work properly ?

thank a lot fo help me



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