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#1 2019-05-17 20:17:49

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making a web based Tile editor. Need some help

Hello Everyone!

I have been creating a web based tile editor. There are 2 main goals.

1. Workflow for fixing tile color palettes. (supports multiple palettes)
2. Export multi palette backgrounds for both c and assembly

I could use some help from anyone that has knowledge of the file formats for both c and assembly.
I plan on open sourcing the project on github so anyone can use it. Also i will be hosting this project in the near future.

Here is a link to a demo video:

The video shows me loading a png, then using my tile validation tool to fix any incorrect tiles. You will notice there are 2 four color paletts

Any help or feed back would be great.

File that creates GBDK c files: … ameboyC.js


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#2 2019-05-17 23:09:49

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Re: making a web based Tile editor. Need some help

Hi Ben,

Cool project!

Not sure if it would be useful, but there is source code for my GIMP plugin that exports to :
* GBDK C tile files
* GBTD tile files
* GBMB map files

It also imports back from GBTD and GBMB files.

The source is on github here:

The plugin works, but I haven't cleaned up the code yet (busy with another project) so it may not be as easy to follow as it ought to be. If it is useful to your efforts and you have questions, let me know.

If you are exporting images to the gameboy, you may want to deduplicate the tiles on export. That way you can reduce the ROM used for tiles and perhaps fit a full screen image if enough tiles are re-used.

(ps. When fixed some annoyances and then built a Windows executable, in addition to the Linux one, then I'll try to make a formal post on this forum about the plugin)



#3 2019-05-26 15:58:44

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Re: making a web based Tile editor. Need some help

I fixed it and it now works beautifully! You can run it locally using node:

Download repo from github:

npm install
npm start

Still TODO:
add tile deduping
add ability to save palettes



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