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#1 2010-12-08 09:35:18

From: Asturias, Spain
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MBC5 Clone in CPLD

Hello, I am working in a MBC5 clone in VHDL, implemented on a small CPLD, like Xilinx xc9536.
Some days ago, I finished the first version of the code, and the simulations looked right.
So today, I took one of my flash cartridges and replaced the MBC5 with the xc9536... some pictures:

I heard you like wires:

Let's solder...

Small pause, breath, continue...


Ok, this cart had SuperKidFigher flashed, a Homebrew game,  MBC1, 4Mbit.... let's see...

It looks ok.... let's go on....

Its working!!!... big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile

Ok, this is the first test, RAM writes not tested, because I left my programmer in the Lab at work, but tomorrow I'll update this testing ZeldaDX or another MBC5 intensive game.
Then I'll release the VHDL code and design like always :-)



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