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No Such Thing as Nintendo

cw: Joke project, to an extent

In 1990, Nintendo placed print ads clarifying how to refer to its products by their trademarks. For example, it's not accurate to call the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) a "Nintendo". The ad's headline was "There's no such thing as a Nintendo."

Fast-forward to the late 2010s, when the Internet meme community rediscovered this ad and made parodies titled "There's no such thing as Nintendo." These were meant to jokingly imply that Nintendo and its products never existed in the first place, and anyone who believes otherwise must be a victim of Mandela Effect-style mass delusion.

The original poster
The memes: There's N o Entertainment System; Please repress all memories; This is all a dream

This 1K tech demo for Game Boy displays "There's no such thing as Nintendo" with Mario drawn as a shadow. Should Nintendo's legal department start to attack fan-made content even more intensely than it did in the 2010s, the demo can represent a farewell to the homebrew scene. It has a second purpose that I plan to explain later.

Download: ROM and source (22 KiB)

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