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#1 2020-12-27 04:20:49

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WorkBoy - Opinions

Hello everyone,

yesterday I found this Youtube Video in my feed.

It's the story about an Keyboard Attachment for the Classic DMG which never got into production.

I really want to hear your opinions about it.
- Would you have bought it?
- With the knowglegde and tools today, would you think I it could become somehow useful?
- What do you think about the the connection between cartridge and add-on?

I'm mean data-transfer over Link-Cable is not really fast.
Personally I had a little bit to cringe when he tried different games with the keyboard. smile
Anyway I think it's an amazing idea and I've the feeling that it was a missed opportunity.
If my parents back in they day's weren't able or wouldn't buy it, I would it definitely today. smile

- Matt



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