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#1 2021-03-09 19:16:40

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Advice for writing songs & noise

I'm making games with gb studio.

I use anvil studio to write songs.

I get errors when converting to .mod.

OpenMPT: … tatus1png/

Milky Tracer: … tatus2png/

Any advice to write songs for gameboy is welcome.

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#2 2021-03-11 00:39:00

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Re: Advice for writing songs & noise

Are you using the template.mod song from GB studio ? Also not all effects are supported in GBT-Player. I understand the GB Studio uses gbt-player (

And yes more then 64 rows aren't supported in gbt-player.

So basically start with the template.mod. It has 64 rows and contains samples which are near to what the GameBoy sounds (not 100% accurate however). Only use the supported effects. (scroll down to the effects sections, everything else you should take out of  the mod file)

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