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#1 2021-08-31 09:38:49

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New Game: Packri Monster

Hello all,

I made this game for the Gameboy: Packri Monster:

It's inspired by the same name hand held game from the 80's, which, in turn, is a rip-off of Pac Man. However, I introduced many new elements not present in the original hand held game.

You control Packri, and the goal is to eat all the cookies in the screen while avoiding the Boogeys. Once Packri eats all the cookies, Packri will be able to collect a key that will allow to proceed to the next screen.

The difficulty of the game increases with each screen. The first levels are very easy to let the player understand the goal of the game without instructions. Sometimes, the difficulty decreases when a new element/obstacle is introduced, to let the player familiarize with the new element/obstacle.

I made this game in about two weeks without any prior knowledge of GBDK or Gameboy programming. I kinda rushed to finish it before school starts because I won't have the time then, and I didn't want to just put this in a drawer and forget about it. So, it's a little bit crappy... The worst part, imho, is the music and SFX, I have zero knowledge of music, I had to find partitures of existing tunes, translate them to CDEFGAB-whatever, and pray it wouldn't sound like garbage...

I would like to order some cartridges and flash the game, but before, I'm asking people to test play it and find mistakes or easy-fix improvements. I'm also interested in knowing if it's too much easy, too much difficult, too much short, if you got bored right away, etc.



START: Start the game/Pause
SELECT: Press twice to restart the game *
A/B: Not used

* When you finish the game, you're allowed to replay any level you wish. Once you choose a level, this allows you to restart and choose a different level. Otherwise,  it's not very useful. When you reset the gameboy, you will lose the ability to choose a level, and you'll have to start from level one again.

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#2 2021-09-05 03:04:14

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Re: New Game: Packri Monster

If you'd like to make it easier for others to find and try the game, you might consider putting it on (and adding the tag "gameboy-rom", "gameboy" etc). You can also load it there with a javascript emulator so people can easily try it in their browser without having to download.

If it's been written entirely in the time frame of June 30th  - September 30th, 2021, then it would also be eligible into the Gameboy Competition/Jam that's running right now. Games that are part of the Compo will probably be seen and played more than games which are not.

I played the game until the 6th or 7th level when I died because of poor player skill. smile  At first it did seem very simple, but the intelligence of the enemies increases and that made the gameplay more interesting.

One suggestion: the scroll up of the level as it loads could be smoother, it looks a little blocky right now. Once easy way would be to load the maze on the "Window" layer and scroll move the window layer up some amount each frame. Once in the final location you could swap over to the regular background and hide the window.

Also, there was at least one uninitialized RAM exception in the emulator. This means you may have some variables which are not initialized before being read from. I recommend turning on exceptions in the emulator you're using (if it doesn't have them, considering trying one that does: bgb, emulicious, etc).

Thanks for sharing & good luck!



#3 2021-09-05 07:38:04

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Re: New Game: Packri Monster

Hey bbbbbr,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and suggestions!

Following your advise, I put the game on

I didn't even consider entering the GB Jam. People competing are real pros, and their games might as well be real releases from Nintendo. But you know what? I have nothing to lose, so I entered the contest.

I'll try to correct the level scroll up/down, and I'll look into that uninitialized RAM location. Thanks again for your suggestions!



#4 2022-01-03 19:14:04

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Re: New Game: Packri Monster

Nice! I played the first 5 levels. I can see the pacman influence. How many levels are there?



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