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#1 2013-10-01 06:28:24

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REQUEST: Build GBDK for DOSBOX please.

I use to code for the Gameboy using GBDK back in 1996,
back when my laptop ran Windows 95 and I think GBDK was on version 2.1.5,
I would really like to get back in to making games for the little handheld.

But I would like to be able to code on the go using my Android phone.
So I installed DOSBox Turbo and mounted my phone's MicroSD card.
Unfortunately GBDK 2.95-3 only runs in a Windows environment,
and try as I may, I can't find a copy of GBDK 2.1.0 for DOS anywhere on the internet.
Worst of all, I have no idea how to compile the source code for GBDK 2.95-3 to work in straight DOS.

I'm hoping someone out there has the right smarts and tools to provide us with version of GBDK 2.95-3 that will work with DOSBox,
or failing that, someone may have a copy of GBDK 2.1.0 for DOS lying around on their hard drives.

My gratitude would be eternal
and I would dedicate my next Gameboy game to you.

Thank you,



#2 2013-10-01 14:22:14

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Re: REQUEST: Build GBDK for DOSBOX please.

Maybe compile it for Linux on a remote box and ssh to that box? Or maybe it's even possible to compile it natively for Android. (I'm not familiar with what you can do on Android.) Or if you want to torture yourself (not recommended) run the win32 version in Windows 95 in DOSBox.

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#3 2013-10-01 14:36:43

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Re: REQUEST: Build GBDK for DOSBOX please.

Welcome back, Quang.



#4 2013-10-01 18:51:48

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Re: REQUEST: Build GBDK for DOSBOX please.

Hey Nitro2k01, I want to be able to do it offline, so when I'm on the underground/metro,
otherwise I could just VNC into a Windows box.
Last night I setup Win95 running on DosBox, but it was from a hard drive image, so couldn't add/remove files without opening the image on a PC first.
I want to use one of the many code editors on Android, compile the code on the device, then test it using a Gameboy emulator on Android.

If I can work out how to map a drive in the Win95 DosBox to the SD card, this will be enough to compile the code, but is a bit of a pain having to load up Win95 just to compile. Will be much better to do it from the DOS prompt.

Gonna take a look at installing one of the QEMU emulators to run a flavour of Linux, unfortunately my Linux knowledge is limited at best.

Hey Duo, not quite back yet, but trying to get there wink



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