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#1 2014-08-10 03:47:46

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Extract image files from a GBA room

Hi everyone,
First of all I wanna thank you all for participating in this forum, I had a quick look on sections and it's so useful!
So guys, now I'm making an after effects animation of super mario bros, I change the characters color, I add cars and so well. The video will in the same dimensions of Mario and same philosophy. So I downloaded "super mario wars" app and took the icons from the contents folder in the game. But I need to have more icons, how can I find the icons of a .gba rome. Do I have to dissassebble the game? If yes, what's the fastest/easiest way to do that ?
Thank you, Mintou



#2 2014-08-12 08:37:51

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Re: Extract image files from a GBA room

would it not make sense to run the gba ROM in a emulator and then
use something like the snipping tool on windows to get the icons mights not be the
best way to do it but it would work
also I don't know if there's a gba emulator with this feather but bgb a gameboy/gbc emulator
lets you view vram making it very easy to see all the current sprites in memory
so if you can find a gba emulator with a vram viewer then that might be what your looking for

a cat in need of knowledge!!



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