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#1 2008-03-13 20:53:18

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keyboard for nanoloop

This is my dream :

Well, we can link a keyboard on a game boy, and use it with lsdj !
So why not with nanoloop ? It would be a pretty nice live tool, like
using the bank loader with one key for each loop...

Something like that :

Now, imagine you want to load simultaneously the first patern of each
channel, you just have to press the fourth key [1] !
And if you want to mute a channel, you can press [0] !
Do you get all the crazy combinations this can make possible ?

It would be so fun for gigs !!!

Is there someone here who think it's possible ?
Maybe with the help of Oliver Witchow ?




#2 2008-03-14 22:09:35

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Re: keyboard for nanoloop

It's theoretically possible, no doubt. But NL is not open source, so the only way that's going to happen is if Oliver decides to implement it. And there's a problem with that. NL 1.x is probably considered more or less an abandoned project. NL 2.0 on the other hand has a technical problem. The voltage in the link port is 3.3 V, which is probably too low to power most keyboards. You could still power it externally, but I think the chances are slim that NL will ever support this.
But you could always send a mail to Oliver and cross your fingers.

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#3 2008-03-15 17:21:00

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Re: keyboard for nanoloop

Well, unfortunately you confirm what I was thinking...

Nl 1.3's users are already waiting after Oliver for a backup system...
So I think nanokeyboard is not the priority at the moment for NL community...

But maybe, a launch pattern system with a keyboard for another loop soft
can be developed, if someone here find my ideas cool don't hesitate...

The keyboard is so fun to use for mute/unmute channel with lsdj,
I really think an special keyboard soft could be an awesome live tool !!!

Thanks for your reply nitro !

Edit : This is Oliver reply :

Oliver wrote:

as for the keyboard: the 1.3 ROM (32kb) is completely filled, there is no space for any additional function. plus nanoloop was designed around the game boy interface which i think is great and i don't really get the point of replacing that interface with an ordinary pc keyboard.

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