Welcome back Cherryroms!



So I got the happy news that Cherryroms is back up again. Once upon a time, it was known as one of the best ROM sites around. Then their ROM server crashed, but the forums remained. Then in 2006, the site died. And now apparently, it’s back again.

I’m not writing this post just out of personal nostalgia though. It was also on Cherryroms that neviksti first posted about his efforts to decapsulate a Game Boy CPU an extract the DMG-01 256 byte internal bootstrap which is used to check the Nintendo logo and checksum on a cartridge before deciding to allow booting the cartridge. The function of the bootstrap was known and even documented in a patent however the actual memory content had never been dumped up to that point, so neviksti’s effort brought something new to the table.

The original thread can now be read in its entity again on Cherryroms here or archived here.

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 News, Web 2 Comments