NES RetroVision – Gameboy on a NES cartridge

RetroVision Front

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RetroVision by RetroUSB is half a Gameboy attached to a NES cartridge which converts the display data into something the NES display using magic programmable logic, much like Super Gameboy for SNES or or Nintendo’s Demo Boy which was used in stores to showcase Gameboy games. The RetroVision does contain an authentic DMG motherboard; there are even holes in the cartridge for the link port and headphone output, although the sound is supposedly routed to the NES as well.

Here’s my own criticism/nitpicking of the product:

  • It lacks screen stretching. While I of course understand that this would take some effort, especially with the 3/2 zoom ratio needed to fill the screen, I think it would’ve greatly increased the general appeal of this product.
  • Another thing that would increase the appeal of the product for musicians would be if you offered the so called ProSound mod, i.e. bypassing the onboard amplifier which gives a slightly better sound quality. Perhaps with RCA sound outputs.
  • You could probably simplify the manufacturing process a bit by using a ribbon cable instead of individual wires for the video signal.
  • Away with the DMG’s power regulator board! There’s absolutely no reason to keep it, but one good reason to throw it away, namely that it produces noise. The NES should supply a perfectly adequate 5V while the (nominal) -18V isn’t needed since the LCD isn’t there anymore.

The RetroVision will sell for $130, but so far only 4 units have been produced because of the intricate manual assembly process. BunnyBoy of RetroUSB doesn’t expect this to a big seller, but more of a platform to build other future products on.

Official info post on NintendoAge

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