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#1 2008-02-25 22:32:27

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Too many problems

For some reason I can't login with my preferred browser, as I can in other phpBB sites (ahh, I see this is PunBB, not phpBB). Using another crappier browser worked, but then after I had written a post, I accidentally clicked some "stupid smileys" or some such crap button and it replaced my entire post with a period, no way to get it back. Screw this.

And I can't find any place to delete my account. What the hell is it with these boards? I was on another one just like this, where it kept sending crap to my e-mail but had no way to delete the user. If they didn't clutter these damn things up with so many useless options, they real problems would surface quickly.

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#2 2008-02-25 23:18:28

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Re: Too many problems

Just which browser are you having problems with? I have no problems with IE6 and Firefox.



#3 2008-02-26 07:32:30

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Re: Too many problems

Blargg, are you sure you that happened with this forum? yikes
1) I can log in with Opera (My preferred browser) as well as FF and IE. Which browser didn't work for you? I can possibly imagine there could be some problems with Safari or IE7, but...
2) This is a punBB board without extensions, which means there are no "stupid smiley buttons". You have to write all BBCode and smilies yourself. So how your post got replaced by a period is a mystery to me. Are you sure you didn't just touch the "." key? If so you could've just pressed Ctrl+Z.
3) Edit: I thought the e-mail thing was about my forum. My forum will only send you an acivation e-mail with a random password in it. Nothing else, unless you forget your password or subscribe to a thread. (Some forums have auto-subscription to threads enabled - I don't)

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