Yet another Gameboy emulator written in Javascript

“GameBoy Online“ Javascrip Gameboy emulator

“GameBoy Online“ running Proxima

When people want to write an emulator, Gameboy is usually the platform of choice, since it’s relatively simple, relatively common and relatively well documented. With the advent of faster Javascript interpreters and Canvas, it now seems like Gameboy emulators made in Javascript is an emerging trend.

The latest addition, tentatively called “GameBoy Online“, made by Grant Galitz, adds GBC support and primitive, pretty crappy, sound support, something the first two don’t do. It also has a fancy GUI. It seems to be slightly slower than the other two, however. Perhaps I ought to benchmark the three existing Javascript Gameboy emulators and see how they compare.

To try it, you need a ROM image. You can either enter it as base64 (Use a tool like this one to convert the file) or upload one in the user interface.

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 Emulators, News

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  1. Fixed the sound by a lot. Now channels 1 and 2 work mostly right.

  2. Grant Galitz on October 27th, 2010

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